Al-Shabab executes 10 accused spies in Somalia

MOGADISHU, (Somalia 247) – Somalia’s al-Shabab group says it has carried out separate executions which its firing squad team killed 10 men accused of spying for the Kenya, US, and Somali intelligence services.

The group announced the executions, saying its fighters had executed ten men in a public square in Hagar and Salagle towns of Middle Juba region in Somalia.

Four of them were accused of being spy agents for the United States’s CIA while others convicting of collabrating with Somalia and Kenya.

Al-Shabab, an al-Qaeda-linked group, often carries out punishments including executions, amputations and flogging on people it accuses mostly of espionage, theft and rape.

The group still continues to carry out deadly attacks in many parts of the Somalia in a bid to overthrow the UN-backed government-based in Mogadishu.

The rebel group was also accused of being behind a truck bomb in Mogadishu on October 2017 which left more than 500 people dead.